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Our Services

1. CNC Tapping Centre

Our Howa, Tong Tai and Etech CNC tapping centres are able to take a maximum work piece size of 1500mm and achieve an accuracy of 0.01mm. These tapping centres provide us with the ability to ensure consistent quality of tapped hopes while maintaining speed and efficiency. We are able to process various materials from plastic, GRP, SUS, Steels to Titanium.​

2. Powder Coating

Our powder coating and pre-treatment plant has the capability to powder coat parts up to a maximum size of 3m x 2m x 0.6m. We are able to process a large range of materials including aluminium and stainless steel.

We have strict quality controls and tests in place to achieve the highest salt spray testing requirements. We have the expertise to handle special coating processes such as Fluidizing Coating and the ability to special setup for big or small lots.


3. CNC Turret Punch and Bender

Our Trumatic TL6000L Combi (Laser & Turret Punch), Trumatic TC500 and LVD CNC Turret Punch machines, combined with  Safan, LVD CNC and Amada Bender provides us with soft tool capability. We are able to process materials up to 6mm thick. Our quick changeover times and high punch speed enables us to offer small lot production in a cost effective way with short lead times.


4. Stamping

Our Stamping facilities gives us a complete package on metal processing. Our machines various from 1 tonne to 160 tonne press. Our 200 tonne hydraulics especially for the Deep Draws process is easier for small or large parts. 


5. TIG and MIG Welding

With our MIG and TIG welding capability, we are able to weld aluminium and stainless steel in addition to steel. Our strength lies in the design of jigs to aid welding, ensure quality and provide a cost effective welding price. To speed up the production our KUKA robots are always available for increase of production volumes.  


6. Prototyping

We have all the machinery’s and 3D Printing to support on the prototyping.


7. Designing

Our Solidworks design software helps us in designing products, tools making and soft tools to support the customer's need. We are able to complete full Industrial Design as a package.

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